Common Faults with Gledhill Electramate 2000 9kW System

Common Faults and Troubleshooting for Gledhill Electramate 2000 9kW System

Note: All maintenance and repairs should be conducted by a certified engineer. The contents below have been extracted from the following provided by the manufacturer.

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Customer Concerns:

  1. Noisy Operation:

    • Possible Causes:
      • Loud heating pump:
        • Ensure system pressure is maintained (minimum 0 bar when cold) and vent if required.
        • Adjust pump speed to maintain a temperature difference of approximately 11°C.
        • If noise persists during heating, check and adjust system bypass if applicable.
      • Noisy electric flow boiler:
        • Verify flow rate through the electric boiler and adjust pump speed accordingly.
        • Maintain system pressure (minimum 0 bar when cold) and vent if necessary.
      • Noise during hot water usage:
        • Check system pressure and vent pump if noisy.
        • Address water hammer issues such as loose pipework or tap washers.
  2. Poor Hot Water Service:

    • Possible Causes:
      • Insufficient system pressure.
      • Malfunctioning electric flow boiler.
      • Incorrect 3 port mixing valve setting.
      • Incorrect store temperature settings.
      • Plate heat exchanger pump problems.
      • Inadequate flow rate or inconsistent temperature.
      • Space heating load surpassing specifications.
      • Potential scale buildup affecting heat exchanger.
  3. Inadequate Space Heating:

    • Possible Causes:
      • Low system pressure.
      • Incorrect settings on the front panel and 3 port mixing valve.
      • Electric flow boiler malfunction.
      • Incorrect store charging temperature.
      • Space heating load exceeding specifications.
      • Inadequate flow temperature.
      • Issues with programmable room thermostat or TRVs.


  • Verify ACB operation as instructed.
  • Address pressure relief safety valve discharges promptly.
  • Investigate boiler overheat thermostat tripping, considering pump failure or circulation issues.
  • If store overheat thermostat activates, ensure boiler pump and temperature sensor function properly.

Important Note: Do not manipulate safety controls manually. Seek manufacturer guidance if uncertain.

System Maintenance:

  • Prioritize isolation of ElectraMate appliance before powerflushing.
  • Adhere strictly to manufacturer's guidelines during powerflushing procedures.

Conclusion: Thoroughly diagnose and resolve potential issues to ensure the Gledhill Electramate 2000 9kW system operates optimally, effectively addressing customer concerns. For additional support, consult the technical helpline or manufacturer's recommendations.