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Gledhill Electramate 2000 12kW Overheat Thermostat GT064

Gledhill Electramate 2000 12kW Overheat Thermostat GT064

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Product Description:

The Gledhill Electramate 2000 12kW Overheat Thermostat is a reliable and efficient heating solution for your home. It is designed to provide maximum protection against over-heating due to its built-in overheat thermostat. This thermostat works by monitoring the temperature of your central heating system to ensure it does not exceed a safe level. It also features an adjustable temperature range so you can set it to your desired level. Additionally, the Electramate 2000 has an efficient design that helps to reduce energy consumption and save you money on your energy bills.

The Gledhill Electramate 2000 is easy to install and is compatible with a variety of heating systems. It is also lightweight and portable so you can take it with you when you move house. The product comes with a two-year warranty so you can be sure of its durability and performance. This thermostat is the perfect choice for any homeowner looking for an efficient and reliable heating solution for their home.

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